Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Cloth Trainers??

Cloth Indulgence Cloth Trainers Vs. Pull-ups

Let's face it, pull-ups are diapers!  They don't encourage your child to go in the potty.  They don't even look like regular undies.  Cloth Indulgence cloth trainers look & feel like regular undies.  They have no resemblance to a diaper & your child can choose their favorite prints to further encourage them.  They are not waterproof for a reason.  Your child should feel the ickiness of being wet for it to click that he needs to make it to the potty next time.  Using cloth trainers will help your child make this connection much faster & the extra absorbency saves you from having to deal with puddles on the floor!

Cloth Indulgence trainers have 2 layers of hemp fleece & a layer of snuggly soft bamboo velour through the wetzone.  Hemp fleece is extremely absorbent and better yet, it is an eco-friendly fabric! The body of the trainer is cotton & there is no elastic in the waist or leg bands.  By leaving out the elastic, I have assured that your child can easily pull these trainers up & down all by themselves.  THis gives them confidence and ease in potty learning.

$13 a pair!!  Here is a little cost comparison for a child that takes about 6 months to fully potty learn:

$1 each x 5 (average) per day=$5
$5 x $180 days = $900

Cloth Indulgence Trainers
$13 x 12 (wash every other day)= $156

SAVINGS $744!!!!

Cost for the next child....ZERO!!!  My girls wore these until well after they were fully trained as regular undies. They loved them so much!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Fluff

Wow! I did so much sewing this weekend!  

Custom Bamboo Nighty-Nights

Candy Corn Bamboo Fitted for the Living Arts Halloween Stocking

Custom Trainers

A set of 18 Bamboo Velour/Bamboo Fleece Family Cloth Wipes

le Petit Liners for the Luna's Gate Stocking on the 27th

I will be leaving on Oct 1st for a trip to see family with the littlest munchkin, so I will be finishing up this weeks dozen or so trainers and I couple of diapers from my new design.  I won't have time for much else, but I will open customs up again when I get back on the 8th.  I will also be calling for some testers for my new waterproof trainers in the middle of October. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Now that we are all settled in our new home, I am going to give this blog another shot! Life has been crazy & exciting for us lately. 

We now have a new kitchen, thanks to my amazing husband:

a new doggie:

a mischevious crawling baby:

a delightful & always adorable 3 yr old:

 and a creative & spunky 4 yr old:

 So welcome back to my adventure as a wife, mommy, WAHM, knitter, seamstress, cook & athlete!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Big stocking & a little modeling

My 3 little girls were so sweet to let me work while they played around me today.  I have a huge stocking lined up for tomorrow!

Little Cupcake was happy to do a little modeling for me tonight.  She is sporting a bamboo Cloth Indulgence medium fitted. 

I did a little picking up and organizing, so here is my new sewing room. The room is enormous, so the kids can hang out and color and play while I work. I am dying to get some pics and shelving on the walls.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Taste...

I seem to always be moving so fast that I forget to take pictures of things before they go out.  My awesome husband was easily talked into a new camera, so maybe that will help a little :)

First, a Sleuthing Hoodie

This sweater took me a whole month!!!  It was a really awesome knit though and I am completely satisfied with the results.  It was for a swap and I got some beautiful Julibeans BBR in exchange for my knitting.  The colorway is Disc Baby Knits "jungle Gent."  She also has a colorway called "Jungle Chic" that I am dying to get!

Next, a set of custom trainers.  No matter how many of these I make, and I have made hundreds, they are still fun!   I just love how cute they are and I remember how much my own little girls loved them when they were potty learning.

Just for fun, here is my little princess who is turning 4 this week!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter & Sewing!!

We have had a wonderful Easter weekend complete with Easter baskets, egg coloring and bison steaks on the grill!  My rockin' husband worked on our chicken coop so that we can get some chickens within the next few weeks.  Even the weather was nice!  Amidst all the fun, I still managed to get a little sewing in :)

Here are some pads for a customer in Norway. They are natural bamboo velour with colored fleece backing.

A set of pads for a coop order that I am woking on right now. 

Tonight, I will be sewing trainers like mad!!  I have 35 to get done in the next 10-14 days!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Custom Diapers

I happily finished an order of custom diapers tonight.  Diapers are time consuming for me, but they are the product that brings me the most satisfaction.  So, without further ado, this is what I have been working on all week... up, stocking some trainers, knitting, Yoga Meltdown, and a bubble bath!

Good Night!!