Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Fluff

Wow! I did so much sewing this weekend!  

Custom Bamboo Nighty-Nights

Candy Corn Bamboo Fitted for the Living Arts Halloween Stocking

Custom Trainers

A set of 18 Bamboo Velour/Bamboo Fleece Family Cloth Wipes

le Petit Liners for the Luna's Gate Stocking on the 27th

I will be leaving on Oct 1st for a trip to see family with the littlest munchkin, so I will be finishing up this weeks dozen or so trainers and I couple of diapers from my new design.  I won't have time for much else, but I will open customs up again when I get back on the 8th.  I will also be calling for some testers for my new waterproof trainers in the middle of October. 

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