Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why Cloth Trainers??

Cloth Indulgence Cloth Trainers Vs. Pull-ups

Let's face it, pull-ups are diapers!  They don't encourage your child to go in the potty.  They don't even look like regular undies.  Cloth Indulgence cloth trainers look & feel like regular undies.  They have no resemblance to a diaper & your child can choose their favorite prints to further encourage them.  They are not waterproof for a reason.  Your child should feel the ickiness of being wet for it to click that he needs to make it to the potty next time.  Using cloth trainers will help your child make this connection much faster & the extra absorbency saves you from having to deal with puddles on the floor!

Cloth Indulgence trainers have 2 layers of hemp fleece & a layer of snuggly soft bamboo velour through the wetzone.  Hemp fleece is extremely absorbent and better yet, it is an eco-friendly fabric! The body of the trainer is cotton & there is no elastic in the waist or leg bands.  By leaving out the elastic, I have assured that your child can easily pull these trainers up & down all by themselves.  THis gives them confidence and ease in potty learning.

$13 a pair!!  Here is a little cost comparison for a child that takes about 6 months to fully potty learn:

$1 each x 5 (average) per day=$5
$5 x $180 days = $900

Cloth Indulgence Trainers
$13 x 12 (wash every other day)= $156

SAVINGS $744!!!!

Cost for the next child....ZERO!!!  My girls wore these until well after they were fully trained as regular undies. They loved them so much!

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  1. I love them! They look just perfect and are what I've been searching for!