Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Fluff

Wow! I did so much sewing this weekend!  

Custom Bamboo Nighty-Nights

Candy Corn Bamboo Fitted for the Living Arts Halloween Stocking

Custom Trainers

A set of 18 Bamboo Velour/Bamboo Fleece Family Cloth Wipes

le Petit Liners for the Luna's Gate Stocking on the 27th

I will be leaving on Oct 1st for a trip to see family with the littlest munchkin, so I will be finishing up this weeks dozen or so trainers and I couple of diapers from my new design.  I won't have time for much else, but I will open customs up again when I get back on the 8th.  I will also be calling for some testers for my new waterproof trainers in the middle of October. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Now that we are all settled in our new home, I am going to give this blog another shot! Life has been crazy & exciting for us lately. 

We now have a new kitchen, thanks to my amazing husband:

a new doggie:

a mischevious crawling baby:

a delightful & always adorable 3 yr old:

 and a creative & spunky 4 yr old:

 So welcome back to my adventure as a wife, mommy, WAHM, knitter, seamstress, cook & athlete!