Monday, May 16, 2011

A Little Taste...

I seem to always be moving so fast that I forget to take pictures of things before they go out.  My awesome husband was easily talked into a new camera, so maybe that will help a little :)

First, a Sleuthing Hoodie

This sweater took me a whole month!!!  It was a really awesome knit though and I am completely satisfied with the results.  It was for a swap and I got some beautiful Julibeans BBR in exchange for my knitting.  The colorway is Disc Baby Knits "jungle Gent."  She also has a colorway called "Jungle Chic" that I am dying to get!

Next, a set of custom trainers.  No matter how many of these I make, and I have made hundreds, they are still fun!   I just love how cute they are and I remember how much my own little girls loved them when they were potty learning.

Just for fun, here is my little princess who is turning 4 this week!

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