Monday, June 21, 2010

Still Struggling!

Sewing and knitting have been nearly impossible for me right now.  It is all good though because we are expecting a new baby on Christmas!  My oldest is expecially excited and told me even before I was pregnant that she was going to have a baby brother for Christmas.  We shall see if she is right soon enough!  Wait there's more... my amazing husband scored a promotion in Washington State!  We are currently packing up and trying to sell the house and will be moving in August.  We are so excited to be leaving the desert and escaping the heat for some much needed green landscape!

This past week I have managed to work on some trainers and unders for a coop.  I didn't get much done, but luckily it is a small coop.  I don't normally make plain unders (except for my own kids), but a mama requested them, so I was happy to do them for her.  Maybe after we move and get settled, they will become a regular offering on my cart.

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